At Home Speech & Language Services Inc. is pleased to offer PEERS!

PEERS is considered a gold standard program for social skills intervention with teenagers.  PEERS is an evidenced-based social skills therapy program designed to assist teens in learning:

  • Appropriate conversational skills
  • How to choose appropriate friends; making and keeping friends
  • Finding common interests with same-age peers
  • How to handle teasing
  • How to use humor appropriately
  • How to handle arguments
  • And much more!

Who Can Participate

  • Teenagers between the ages of 12 and 18
  • Challenges in developing social skills can be due to a range of difficulties/diagnoses.  PEERS has found to be beneficial for those who present with (and not limited to): ASD, Non-verbal Learning Disability (NLD); ADD/ADHD; Anxiety; Social Phobias; Depression.
  • Student attends middle school or high school
  • Interested in joining and a willing participant
  • One parent must also participate in the sessions


The program sessions will be billed at the standard clinical rate of $110 per clinical hour.  Receipts will be issued promptly for submission to insurance.


The program runs for 10 consecutive weeks.  It will commence in July 2018 and run through early September 2018.  Weekly sessions will be approximately 1 hour during an evening, day of the week to be determined.



Our program leaders are PEERS certified providers:

  • Kim Reyno-Briscoe, M.Sc., S-LP
  • Michelle Hebert-Moore, M.Sc., S-LP

Please contact us to book your spot!

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