The following are real testimonials from actual clients. 🙂

After many years of trying different speech services throughout the HRM, we have finally found the fit for our family!  Having two young boys who both require speech therapy, At Home Speech has made our life a little easier.  It’s one less appointment we have to get out the door to!

We were so pleased to meet Kim, who has been a great support, brings a wealth of knowledge to our sessions, and makes speech therapy feel like play time for our boys!

Stephanie and Shaun

Choosing At home speech and language services has been one of the greatest decisions I have made. The convenience of having them come to you is priceless for today’s busy parents and their services are very affordable. Cara is great at what she does and gets along perfectly with my very active four year old. He loves seeing her come, and is making wonderful progress. Communication with both Susanne and Cara has always been super easy and scheduling is very flexible. Highly recommended by this satisfied Mom!


I was a little apprehensive when I was beginning speech therapy for my son, as he is very active and it’s a little hard for him to focus on anything for too long. But Michelle put all my anxiety at ease. She has been so gentle and patient with him and my son took an immediate liking to his sessions with her. She always chose activities that would engage him and was able to pick out the areas that needed to be addressed and worked on it. She gave me excellent tips on how to work on him in between sessions. Overall, my son improved a lot in a few sessions and he is more confident and independent than before. Michelle is a very warm and lovely person and I highly recommend her as I am very happy with all the progress my son has made with her!


Cara has been working with my son (now age 6) for a year, and we have seen immense growth. He is always extremely engaged in the activities that she prepares to meet his needs. He formally had confidence issues and was hesitant to talk to others. Since working with Cara, we have witnessed great improvements in his overall confidence and communication. My son is excited to work with her and share what he has learned with his family. My family is so appreciative of her clear understanding of our sons needs, and appreciate her support as to how we can support him at home to complement her lessons.

A grateful Mom, and proud parent

Kim has been an invaluable member of our son’s learning team for well over a year now.  One of the benefits of At Home Speech Services is that Kim comes to our home where our son is most comfortable.  We are seeing progress in all areas of learning since employing Kim’s services.   Kim has many tools available and is able to keep our son engaged.  Our concerns related to our son’s learning are not only heard, but Kim has been instrumental in problem solving with us and our school.   Kim’s approach works well for our son and our family, and we are so pleased that we reached out to At Home Speech Services.  Thank you Kim!


The customized, child-centred service my son has received from Susanne has been outstanding. Susanne has built a relationship with my son and works hard to develop programming and supports that are meaningful and effective for him. Susanne’s flexibility with service delivery and willingness to collaborate with other services further highlights her dedication to her students and their achievement of their goals.


When my daughter was 2 years old, she presented with a speech delay and required intensive therapy. At the end of her first session with Ms. Susanne of Home Speech Services, she intentionally communicated her first two word sentence to me, “Mama ball”. There are no words to describe this moment and any parent with a child who struggles with communication can understand this joy. Ms. Susanne has been with us throughout this journey bringing with her professionalism, expertise and a commitment to her craft. She has become a part of our family!


From the first session, I was impressed with Kim’s skills and knowledge. After two sessions, my 2.5 year old was able to clearly say her own name. Kim quickly identified specific targets to work on and within six sessions there was a dramatic improvement in how well others could understand what my daughter was telling them. Her confidence bloomed. She continues to experience success each session as Kim is talented with knowing the next step to take and can quickly adjust if it isn’t going as expected. She always incorporates fun activities into the sessions and our daughter stays engaged and motivated and can’t wait for Kim to come and “play”.


We have seen a number of SLPs over the years and Cara is the best!  She is flexible, patient, and compassionate.  She works so well with my daughter and is great with responding to her cues to keep her engaged and focused. Online delivery is just as effective as in-person and very convenient for busy schedules. My daughter loves meeting with Cara and looks forward to her speech sessions! I can’t say enough how happy I am with the services we have received and the progress my daughter is making with Cara’s knowledge and support.

Happy Client

Having sessions at home, in an atmosphere where he is comfortable, has resulted in huge gains in our son’s speech. Michelle is very engaging and friendly and they immediately established a rapport. He enjoys the sessions so much that he doesn’t realize all the work that he is doing and all that he is learning. We wish we had looked into it sooner!