Language, Literacy and Communication Groups

We are “Zoom-ing” with you!

Weekly Camps offered

June, July, and August 2020

For the continued safety of our clients and their families, our private practice will be offering several therapy groups this summer via Telepractice!

Through evidence-based approaches, your clinician will employ direct support and coaching to improve your child’s skills, enabling them the best start for school in the fall. We are offering social communication skills development to boost his/her social speaking confidence and to help with friendships. We are also offering a structured approach to reading and overall literacy skills acquisition.

Choose your group and therapy camp based on your child’s language, literacy, and social communication needs. Groups of 2-4 children will run one hour per day Mon-Fri for a 5-day therapy camp.  Cost is $55 per daily 1-hour group session, $275 for the week.

Literacy Skills Development

A) School Readiness/Early Literacy Group (Ages 4-6)

  • Learning the language of the classroom (following instructions)
  • Early number/math concepts
  • Phonological Awareness eg. rhyming, syllabication, beginning sounds
  • Print Awareness
  • Handwriting without tears
  • Animate! Stories come alive!

B) Literacy Skills Development Group (Ages 7+)

  • Structured Reading Programs
  • We employ the following tools: Seeing Stars, LINKS, and Lindamood.
  • Phonological Awareness
  • Word attack and decoding
  • Sight word retention
  • Word analysis and meaning of prefixes, suffixes
  • Writing and Spelling
  • Reading fluency

Social Communication Groups

We employ evidence-based programs and a selection of resources such as Michelle Garcia Winner’s Social Thinking Program, “Everyday Speech”, and PEERS.

A) Social Communication Group (ages 4-6):

  • How to join play with a friend/group
  • Continuing play, taking turns
  • Recognizing emotions within self and others
  • Managing difficult behaviors
  • Strategies for self-regulation
  • MUCH more!

B) Social Communication Group (approx. age 7-11)

  • Increase confidence in making and keeping friends
  • Social etiquette, giving compliments
  • Initiating and maintaining conversational turns
  • Staying on topic
  • Awareness of body language and tone of voice
  • Video modelling and MUCH more

C) Social Communication Group (approx. age 12-17)*

  • *1.5 hours per session ($82.50 per session, $412.50 per week)
  • Based on PEERS model and delivered by PEERS certified clinicians
  • Reduce anxiety and increase social confidence
  • Making and keeping friends
  • Entering and exiting a Conversation
  • Handling Bullying and Teasing
  • Phone and Text Etiquette
  • Video modelling and MUCH more!  

Programs are delivered by NSCASLP licensed Speech-Language Pathologists. Please note that your insurance may cover all or part of the group sessions, however please do verify with your insurance carrier. Our team is happy to assist in determining the best group fit for your child.

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